Who Are We

 We are a bible-based ministry who believes that healing for the whole man (spirit, soul, body) was included in Christ's atoning work on the cross. Christ's healing provision includes every facet of infirmities that afflicts mankind:  healing of the spirit, healing of the emotions, healing of the demonically oppressed or possessed, and healing of the body (Isa. 53:3-5, Mt. 8:16-17).  The bible definitively declares "and with the stripes (that wounded) Him we are healed and made whole."

     Not only were the disciples commissioned to heal but Christ instituted healing as an ordinance of the church.  Clearly, the bible instructs the sick to call upon the elders of the church and when the elders pray, "the prayer of faith will save him who is sick, and the Lord will restore him;" (James 5:13-16).  Further, the Lord commissioned all believers to this loving and compassionate ministry, promising "that they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well." (Mark 16: 17-18).

     We maintain that if God could deliver three million Jews from Egypt and bring them forth without even one being feeble (Psalm 105:37) under the old covenant, how much more will he do under the new covenant of grace! (Hebrews 8:6).

     With this understanding we offer ourselves as willing instruments to demonstrate the healing power of God and His kingdom to the world.



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