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Our Founder


     Apostle Harden is the Founder and Overseeing Apostle of Christ Healing Temple Ministries, which has offered oversight to an innumerable company of followers in Georgia, the Continental United States, and throughout the world.   The ministry was founded originally in Sparta, GA in the year 1985. He resides in the great city of Atlanta, GA.

      He is the Pastor of Christ Temple of Refuge in Milledgeville, GA, which has embraced the mandate to fan the flames of revival, and which has also humbled itself as a way station for weary travelers thirsting to drink of God's glorious presence.  Apostle Harden has pastored at Christ Temple of Refuge, the central church, since 1986.

     Apostle Harden founded Laborer's Bible College in 1987, a training ground in the biblical faith with a particular emphasis upon practical, kingdom living; he also founded the Dominion School of the Prophets in 1987, which has been instrumental in the training, activation, and maturation, of prophets and prophetesses in the southern region of the United States, and throughout the Continental United States.

      Apostle Harden is humbled in the gracious act of God in calling him as the "Apostle of Hope," one of many which God has commissioned to "ask for the nations."  His burning zeal is to proclaim hope to the masses of the destitute and downtrodden throughout the world.

     His driving commitment is to witness the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ.  Further he endeavors to witness the glory and knowledge of God cover this earth as the waters cover the sea.  Realizing the importance of the Great Commission in God's end-time plan, he founded the Dominion School of Missions and the Macedonian Call Sending Society to promote cross-cultural missions.

      Apostle Harden holds both graduate and undergraduate degrees from a secular university - a B. S. degree in Political Science and Masters of Public Administration from GA State University in Atlanta, GA.   He also holds a Masters of Divinity, and Ph.D.(C) from Trinity Seminary and Bible College in Indiana.