Our Mission


     Primarily, our mission is to disciple all cultures and every kingdom to the glory of God.

     Secondly, God has uniquely called this ministry as an instrument to promote the restoration of the Prophetic and Apostolic offices to the fivefold ministry. As a result, we established the Dominion School of the Prophets for the activation, maturation, training, and equipping of those already called to the Prophetic and Apostolic offices. In that same vein, we labor unceasingly toward the realization of a prophetic anointing upon every Christian ministry, and we labor to witness the emergence of a prophetic people on this earth.

      Additionally, we are committed to proclaiming the message of God's glory or His manifest presence to all of Christendom. God has determined that His glory "will fill this earth as the waters cover the sea." We have covenanted to be carriers of this glory, believing God that His very essence, even the very essence of heaven, will be imparted, manifested, and demonstrated before the world. The glory realm is the heartcry of God, and it is the keystone to every groan, need, and ill of mankind. A proper understanding of the Davidic Tabernacle of worship, along with covenanted obedience, will gain us access to this realm. This is our mission.